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"The Most Imitated, But Never Duplicated, Plant Source, Colloidal, Trace Mineral Supplement Available for Over 90 Years."

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"T.J. Clark's Legendary Minerals", "Clark's Original Mineral Formula", 
and "T.J. Clark's Nature's Formula Chromium Picolinate.
"The Most Imitated, But Never Duplicated, Plant Source, Colloidal, Trace Mineral Supplement Available for Over 90 Years."


For hundreds of years the Paiutes of Central Utah journeyed to a Legendary Sacred Spring known for its extraordinary qualities.

In 1920 an ailing rancher named Thomas J. Clark was led to this same spring by one of the Paiute elders. Soon after drinking the water he underwent an Extraordinary recovery. Amazed by the result, he became obsessed with unlocking the secret of this mysterious water.

>He began by following the spring back to its source in the surrounding mountains. There he found the spring which was flowing through unique deposits of unusual appearing materials. He studied and researched the water and the surrounding material in search of its secrets. His research showed the area to be a rich mineral deposit that he later determined to be the elemental remains of an ancient rain forest, uniquely encapsulated and preserved in their original plant form for millions of years!

The material contained a startling spectrum of over 70 minerals. Over the years T.J. developed a leaching process to extract these concentrated minerals into pure water. He began passing his mineral water out to his friends and neighbors. The feedback that they provided, coupled with his personal experience with the water, was the cornerstone of his research. Of course, word of mouth spread the news of the minerals across the country.

T.J. continued his investigation of the minerals throughout his life. He spent countless hours climbing through the mountains and talking to researchers. By the time he died, T.J. had created the world's finest mineral water. His legacy continued through the work of his son and especially through his grandson, the third T.J. Clark.

The 3rd T. J. Clark spent his early years apprenticing under his grandfather. The years traipsing along with the original T.J. Clark gave him valuable lessons in how to find, extract, and process the minerals as well as the life lessons of how to help people. He has continued the personal research and expanded upon the scientific research in order to further refine and enhance the legendary mineral formula of his grandfather.

T. J. Clark continued the research of his father and grandfather into the electrical properties of the minerals and the unique synergy created by the mineral complexes. He had a bio-electronic test performed by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, one of Germany's foremost biophysicists. His test measured the electromagnetic improvement of cells after introduction of T.J. Clark's Minerals. The test showed dramatic improvement after the addition of the minerals. These electrical properties create the essential synergy of the minerals that is unique to T. J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals. T. J. Clark, Inc. now supplies its colloidal minerals to people world wide.

The fourth generation is working alongside T.J., and the fifth generation is already looking forward to the day that they too can help the people of the world with their minerals.


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