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"The Most Imitated, But Never Duplicated, Plant Source, Colloidal, Trace Mineral Supplement Available for Over 90 Years."

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November 1, 1996
"The Most Imitated, But Never Duplicated, Plant Source, Colloidal, Trace Mineral Supplement Available for Over 90 Years."


For over 90 years thousands of customers have been receiving the extraordinary health benefits of the T. J. Clark natural colloidal minerals. Despite the results, the term "colloidal minerals" was relatively unknown to the majority of the public. Today, because of lecture tours done by Dr. Joel Wallach and the wide distribution of his tape, "Dead Doctor's Don't Lie", a larger segment of society has heard about the benefits of colloidal trace minerals. The raised consciousness has induced many companies to produce their own mineral solution.

The consumer should be aware that the only trace mineral supplement that Dr. Wallach was endorsing is the mineral supplement supplied exclusively by T. J. Clark & Co. The most important two minute segment of Dr. Wallach's tape has been edited out by those companies that are trying to jump on the wagon. The missing part describes the source of these "extraordinary minerals" as exclusively coming from the unique discovery made by T. J. Clark, over 90 years ago. It is the only known source in the world, and the product cannot be duplicated./p>

This particular product has been on the market since 1926.
It's the only nutritional product on the market that has a legal consent decree from a federal court and an approval from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to be harvested and sold as a nutritional supplement.

Everybody else who has a vitamin or mineral or whatnot just follows the labeling requirements of the FDA. This is the only one that, in fact, has a federal consent decree to do it because it passed all their tests. It's the only one that is been put to this level of test because it works. People were running around twelve to Fifteen years ago saying, "Hey, my arthritis got better," "My diabetes got better," "early cataracts went away," "My white hair turned black again," "My knee arthritis got better." And so they thought, "Oh, they must be putting cortisone, pretisone, antibiotics or drugs in that stuff. When they examined it for two years it only had sixty colloidal minerals in it."

Unfortunately, the vast amount of misinformation, disinformation, and information (at least it is rumored that there is some information) has so thoroughly confused the public that no one knows which product is which. For instance, some companies marketing plans depend heavily on lab analysis--Tests that give approximations of the elemental metal content--to hype their "density" or "dissolved solids" content. These assays are limited in their ability to detect the very small colloids and none of them are equipped to determine the formed complexes they are in, or if they are truly plant-derived; in short confusing the density with the Worth of the product. More is not always better. The right amount of the right formula will bring about the best results.

Putting out a list of minerals and calling them "colloids", or "plant-derived" is only a very small part of the understanding and evaluating a comparison of products. One could say that coal is plant-derived, but you wouldn't want to ingest it. The same is true of other rock metallic minerals. One researcher jokingly said, "people taking some of these inorganic metallic minerals products are going to have trouble getting through an airport metal detector".

T. J. Clark's Legendary Minerals typically contain over 70 minerals forming many different complexes that are directly available for use by individual cells. These complex colloids form a unique, synergistic liquid with specific electrical characteristics. Therefore, scientific tests and experiences of what it does, is far more important than a content list of ingredients. These characteristics are unique to T. J. Clark's Legendary Minerals. Our proprietary material source and our carefully guarded method of formulating has kept the consistent quality that our reputation is based upon. No one in our 90 year history has come close to identifying these unique colloids let alone duplicating any portion of our product.

In addition to serving as vital nutrients this mineral complex also has the ability to attract heavy metals and other toxins and flush them from the body. Proper nutrition begins with full spectrum availability of the essential trace minerals--T. J. Clark's Legendary Minerals.

BIO-ELECTRONIC TEST done by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, well known biophysicist and professor at the Kaiserlautern University in Germany.

(Transcnpt of letter from Dr. Gottfned Lange of Elmshorn, Germany~ dated January 18, 1992, describing the protocol used in the test done on the product Clark's Original Mineral Formula.All living organisms emit certain electromagnetic waves. If they are in a healthy condition, they emit more. If not, they emit less. This phenomena is common to all forms of cells. This electromagnetic emission is called biophotons.

In these tests "acetabularia mediterranea", a certain very sensitive algae from the Mediterranean Sea is used. This algae is so sensitive to ecological influences that there are scarcely any of these algae left in the Mediterranean.

The test, usmg this form of algae, is a scientifically recognized method of determining whether or not a substance is toxic, or to what degree a substance is beneficial to cells. The test was carried out by one of the world's leading biophysicists, Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp.

The letter from Dr. Popp announcing the results of the test, congratulates Dr. Lange on the excellence of the product. A summary of the results is shown in the graph below.


1. The first two barsof the graph show the photon emission of the cells which had an optimum vitamin nutrient solution, called "100% V*", given to them. The green bar measures the photon emission at the start of the test. The following yellow bar shows the photon emission after a period of three days without additional nutrients given to them.

2. The second set of two bars show the photon emission of cells given only a 10% V nutrient, and after the three day period, are termed as cells under "great stress", and without further nutrients would die.

3. The third set of two bars were again only given the 10% V solution, but a 1.4ul**(micro liter) amount of the Clark's Minerals was added to the solution. A significant improvement is shown, even though there was only a 10% V nutrient given.

4. In the fourth set of two bars, again only a 10%V solution was added, and the amount of Clark's minerals was reduced to only .14 ILl. The improvement was even greater, showing that vitamin utilization is greatly enhanced with only small amounts of the product.

5. The vitamin withdrawal is fully compensated for after the three day period. This was considered a very significant result, and corresponds with the experiences of practitioners and the many testimonies that have been observed with users of the product over the last 70 years.

*V: Vitamin formula

** ul: microliters


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