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"The Most Imitated, But Never Duplicated, Plant Source, Colloidal, Trace Mineral Supplement Available for Over 90 Years."

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T.J.Clark's Minerals - Distributed by Rodrigue and Sons Co.
"The Most Imitated, But Never Duplicated, Plant Source, Colloidal, Trace Mineral Supplement Available for Over 90 Years."


T. J. Clark's Minerals are the purest and most beneficial plant source, colloidal, trace minerals available today, the only true source of plant source organic, colloidal trace minerals since 1925. Our product has been on the front line for over 90 years. You know about the benefits of T.J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals, but (and this is equally important) you should also know that there are no side effects or hidden dangers lurking in our product. Our 90 years of experience assures you of our commitment to your total health. When you are dealing with something as important as your life, can you afford to use anything other than T. J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals?

T.J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals are not a simple solution of elemental metals in colloidal suspension. That is the other guys. The other guys also advertise high levels of elemental metals based on a typical mineral analysis (metals assay). Please do not confuse T. J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals with the other guys.

Like many other nutrients, minerals function as coenzymes, enabling the body to quickly and accurately perform it's activities.* Minerals are needed for the proper composition of body fluids, the formation of blood and bone, and the maintenance of healthy nerve function.* The T.J.Clark Phytogenic Mineral formulas contain trace amounts of dozens of natural Phytogenic, or plant produced minerals and elements combining to restore proper chemistry and balance to your body.*  This unique blend of naturally occurring minerals may work at the cellular level to restore and maintain health by increasing the viability of oxygen, blood, and nerve receptors, without which your body could not function, nor make proper use of any other nutrient presented to it.  The T.J.Clark Phytogenic Mineral are obtained from ancient deposits of prehistoric flora, which originated during the Mesozoic Era, approximately 60-120 million years ago. This unique complex of natural minerals and elements have been researched and perfected by T. J. Clark & Company for almost 80 years.  In the last 9 decades, T. J. Clark has done more to advance the newly emerging science of Phytogenic Chemistry, and mineral nutrition than any other company.  In doing so they have provided increased health and vitality to millions of satisfied users.

T. J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals are in a league of their own when it comes to nutritional supplements. The value is predicated on their unique molecular composition. There are typically over 70 minerals forming many complexes that are directly available for use by individual cells. These complex colloids form a unique, synergistic liquid with specific electrical characteristics. These characteristics are unique to T. J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals. Our proprietary material source and our carefully guarded method of formulating have insured our reputation for quality for over 75 years. No one has come close to identifying these unique colloids let alone duplicating any portion of our product. Consequently our slogan, Often imitated, never duplicated. At the current rate of scientific research, it will be many decades before science discovers what our product is, and many decades after that to find out why it works; they may never figure out how to duplicate it

Thirteen minerals have been identified as being essential to the physical well-being of humans.
These are: sodium, potassium, chorine, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, iodine, manganese, cobalt, zinc, and molybdenum.

Twelve additional elements have been determined to be extremely beneficial in trace amounts.
These are: selenium, chromium, flourine, arsenic, nickel, silicon, boron, cadmium, lithium, lead, tin, and vanadium.

All of these natural elements are among the more than 70 minerals that have been identified as components of the minute colloidal complexes in T.J. Clark's mineral products. Combined as they are in complex natural combinations, these essential elements are totally bioavailable for immediate benefit to the user.

Even marginal deficiencies of essential nutrients can significantly impair the immune system, and the National Research Council has stated that "small amounts of (natural elements) are more efficiently absorbed than large amounts."

Absorption, as used in a biological sense, is the transport of materials across a barrier and incorporation into the tissue itself. Not until the substances cross the thin cellular lining of the stomach and intestines and are picked up by the circulating blood and lymph, do the products of digestion become part of the body - - that is, become "absorbed."

Absorption involves complex physical factors, such as the size and concentration of the molecules; water-salt concentration; surface tension; and active transport by the cells, which do chemical work and use energy in the process of transferring molecules across the cell membranes. The absorption of minerals (as well as other nutrients) is based on passive diffusion or active transport mechanisms.

Due in part to their negative ionization, the minuscule chemical complexes in T.J. Clark's mineral products have been proven to be among the most easily absorbed - and therefore the most immediately usable - forms of nutritional supplement. Their multitudes of mineral complexes are ready and able to go to work providing nutritional balance to your system and improving your overall health almost the minute they enter your body.

To better understand the potential benefits of these minerals, a brief review of their attributes - as well as some of the problems associated with their deficiencies - is compiled herewith. It should be noted that T.J. Clark's mineral products offer trace amounts of these elements combined in natural complexes which are able to provide optimum positive results from their use without
any of the dangers of consuming large amounts of any one element.

* Sodium is an essential mineral that plays a critical role in normal electrolyte metabolism.
Excessive fatigue, muscle cramps, and mental confusion are characteristics of sodium deficiency.

* Potassium is an important electrolyte in the body which is intimately associated with sodium metabolism. In severe potassium deficiency, muscle weakness and paralysis may develop, leading to difficulties in breathing and changes in the heart.

* Chlorine (chloride) is essential in maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance and is a necessary component of gastric juice.

* Calcium is an essential chemical element largely concerned with the structure of bones and teeth; a small portion is involved in blood clotting and transmission of impulses from nerve to muscles. Lack of calcium in the diet leads to a form of "leaching out" of bone mineral content (osteoporosis) and when vitamin D is deficient, the condition known as rickets occurs.

* Phosphorus is an essential component of bone mineral. It also plays an important role in many and varied chemical reactions in the body. Phosphorus deficiency results in bone loss and is characterized by weakness, anorexia, malaise, and pain.

* Magnesium is important to calcium and potassium homeostatis. Numerous biochemical and physiological processes require or are modulated by magnesium. Extracellular magnesium concentrations are critical to the maintenance of electrical potentials of nerve and muscle membranes and for transmission of impulses across neuromuscular junctions.

* Iron is a constituent of hemoglobin, myoglobin, and a number of enzymes and, therefore, is an essential nutrient for humans. There are reports of reduced physical performance in iron deficiency even before anemia is present. Iron deficiency also has been associated with decreased immune function.

* Copper is an essential nutrient for all vertebrates. There are a number of copper-containing proteins and enzymes, some of which are essential for the proper utilization of iron. Elevated cholesterol levels, impaired glucose tolerance, and heart-related abnormalities have been observed in some subjects with below-average copper consumption.

* Iodine is unevenly distributed in the environment. In large areas, often mountainous, environmental levels are inadequate for humans and animals. Iodine deficiency can lead to a wide spectrum of diseases ranging from severe cretenism with mental retardation to barely visible enlargement of the thyroid.

* Manganese has been shown to be an essential element in every animal species. Signs of deficiency include poor reproductive performance, growth retardation, congenital malformations in the offspring, abnormal formation of bone and cartilage, and impaired glucose tolerance.

* Cobalt - The only known nutritional, but very vital, function of cobalt is as an integral part of vitamin B-12. Because all vitamin B-12 is derived from bacterial synthesis, organic cobalt is considered essential.

* Zinc enhances the immune system - specifically the functions of the thymic gland and the spleen. Zinc can prevent toxemia. The signs and symptoms of dietary zinc deficiency include loss of appetite, growth retardation (including dwarfism), skin changes, and immunological abnormalities.

* Molybdenum plays a biochemical role as a constituent of several enzymes, such as aldehyde oxidase, xanthine oxidase, and sulfite oxidase. Consequences of molybdenum deficiency are retarded weight gain, decreased food consumption, impaired reproduction, and shortened life expectancy. The concentration of molybdenum in food varies considerably, depending on the
environment in which the food was grown. Experts agree on the need for trace intake of molybdenum on a daily basis.

* Selenium is an antioxidant that works closely with vitamin E. Selenium enzymes protect the cell machinery that generates energy. Selenium protects against heart disease and reduces the risk of cancer.

* Chromium is required for normal glucose absorption and is best absorbed when taken in compounds (complexes). In the majority of all chromium supplementation studies in the United States, at least half the subjects with impaired glucose tolerance improved with the addition of chromium, suggesting that the lower ranges of chromium intake from typical U.S. diets are not optimal with regard to chromium nutriture.

* Fluorine (fluoride) - The major tissues known to incorporate fluoride are bones and tooth enamel. Because of its valuable effects on dental health, flourine is a beneficial element for humans in trace amounts.

* Arsenic is essential in trace amounts. Arsenic deficiency depresses growth and impairs reproduction.

* Nickel is another element which has been shown by substantial evidence to be necessary in trace amounts. Nickel deficiency results in decreased growth.

* Silicon also falls in the "trace requirement" category. Silicon deficiency leads to structural abnormalities of the long bones and the skull.

* Boron appears to affect calcium and magnesium metabolism and may be needed for membrane function. Boron deficiency signs may be related to the level of vitamin D and possibly other nutrients in the diet.

* Deficiencies in trace intake of cadmium, lithium, tin, and vanadium may result in depressed growth, impaired reproductive performance, and other changes in the human body.

It is important to emphasize that none of the experts who have provided this information suggests or advises that potential deficiencies in any of these elements be avoided, offset, or rectified by "massive" doses of supplements. In every case, their recommendation is for trace supplementation to balance the body's natural chemical production and/or intake.

T. J. Clark's mineral products provide "just what the doctors ordered" with their minute colloidal complexes of trace elements, many of which have already been defined as essential to our health.

Source documentation:

Beware: There are many mineral products available for sale to the public. Since there is very little information within the mainstream scientific community regarding trace minerals, you will have to judge these products based on your own knowledge and experience. We do not want to denigrate any of these products because we have little knowledge of their composition and no desire to evaluate their potential benefits. It takes many years, usually 20 to 30, in order to begin to determine the efficacy of a health or medicinal product. We all know the side effects of taking any medicine can manifest themselves many years after the fact. We predicate the value of T. J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals on our 90 year history of positive results and our lifetime experience with our direct consumption of the product. Beware of products which must resort to ''me to" or "same as" methods of marketing. For those who truly understand the complexities of the natural universe, these kinds of claims are ludicrous. When all of the sales hype is said and done, a product will survive or fail based on its own merits. T. J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals have not only survived, but flourished during its 90 year history. Can any other trace mineral product honestly say the same?


Since industrialized farming was introduced farmers have been using only three basic minerals for most ground crops: Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus. Each year without the addition of full spectrum minerals further depletes the field's natural resources. In places, certain necessary minerals can no longer be found. No wonder so many of the problems shown below--all linked to minerals-are so common; the essential trace minerals we need to maintain health and prevent disease are now absent from our food! PLEASE NOTE: This is not a diagnostic chart and should not be used in place of your health professional to determine your recovery program. After all, isolated minerals do not work well without a nutritional program which contains trace minerals in an appropriate balance.
Vitamins & Minerals Can Help Keep the Doctor Away!

Standard orthodox medical doctors used to believe that diet & supplements are not important or at least unrelated to health. New research now shows conclusively that mineral deficiencies do exist even when people try to maintain their health on three meals a day using the "four food groups

Selenium Protects cell membranes, reduces risk of cancer Heart attack, muscular dystrophy, cystic fibrosis
Chromium  Required for glucose tolerance factor  Hypoglycemia, diabetes
Vanadium  Required for glucose tolerance factor Hypoglycemia, diabetes
Tin  Supports hair growth and can enhance reflexes Symmetrical baldness, reduced response to noise
Lithium  Reduces aggressiveness, violence & self-destruction Depression, mania, suicide,spouse & off-spring abuse
Gallium Modulates brain chemistry, anti-tumor activity Brain dysfunction
Molybdenum Modulates cal/mag/copper metabolismy Copper deficiency
Boron  Modulates cal/mag retention in bones  Osteoporosis, arthritis
Zinc  Enhances immune system, thymus, & protects against birth defects  Birth defects, infertility, chronic infections
Nickel  Lowers requirements for B12 B12 deficiency symptoms
Lanthanum Praseodymium Neodymium Samarium Europium Ytterbium Thulium Enhances growth and extends life  Shortened life span
Enough research has been done in the last few decades to prove these major points...

-We cannot get all the vitamins & minerals we need for metabolic competence from the standard three meals a day.

-When the body has been assaulted by stressors, drugs, pollutants, injury or sickness, nutrients are lost more rapidly than normal and if they are not replaced, the victims ability to withstand stressors or fight off disease is reduced.

-We use so many labor-saving devices that we need fewer calories. As food intake is reduced, it is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we need without taking supplements.

-Pollutants in the air, food & water put a stress on all of us. As a result, we require more vitamins & minerals to support the enzyme systems which aid in discharging these unwanted toxins.

-Those sweet "empty calorie" foods that are "forced down our throats" rob the body of the nutrients required for digestion & absorption. In addition, food sensitivities & yeast infections damage intestinal lining cells so that even when we do eat good nutrient dense food, absorption is limited.

Even if your diet were able to supply you with adequate doses of the major minerals, it would still be lacking in the trace minerals found in the T.J. Clark minerals. The importance of some of these trace elements, as well as the effects of a deficiency in them are shown in the above chart. Those colloidal trace minerals found in the T. J. Clark mineral are highly absorbable by the body, and as you can see, play a very important role in maintaining a health balance within our systems.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a diagnostic chart and should not be used in place of your health professional to determine your recovery program. After all, isolated minerals do not work well without a nutritional program which contains trace minerals in an appropriate balance.


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