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After 20 years as a discount distributor for T. J. Clark & Company, our company will no longer offer their Colloidal Mineral Supplements and/or their other related products.

To get the primary reason, you need to read this revealing article "Colloidal Minerals: Unnecessary and Potentially Hazardous" and you will understand. I strongly recommend you take the time to carefully read the article before you buy another bottle of TJ Clark's Colloidal Minerals, or the Phytogenic Concentrate, Original or Legendary Minerals, or any of the specialty minerals they make, or even the colloidal minerals made and sold by other companies.

The author is a research scientist with over ten years of experience in the fields of geology, organic petrology and organic geochemistry, and what he reveals about T. J. Clark & Company's Colloidal Mineral Supplements confirmed my suspicions. The only reason I could conscientiously represent the TJ Clark products was because I believed that the minerals were plant source minerals, yet this report opened my eyes. It states, and I quote "T.J. Clark & Co. asserts that its products contain neither humus nor shale, even though it is registered with the State of Utah as a humic shale mining operation". In other words, this article told me that the TJClark Colloidal Minerals, as well as almost all other colloidal minerals on the market, are nothing more than ground up humic shale. I was't aware rocks could be pulverized so small (colloidal or nano sized) that they stay in suspension, instead of sinking to the bottom of the bottle.

That author also adds this statement "Tens of thousands of Americans are currently serving as unwitting subjects in an undocumented test of their safety. Some scientists are especially concerned about the widespread administration of these products to children. Unfortunately, since colloidal minerals are classified as dietary supplements, no safety or efficacy testing was required before they were marketed."

My personal experience with T.J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals was at first a good one, finger nails getting stronger, hair seemed to look better, etc. so I felt this was a product I could represent. This was teh beginning of "tjclark.net" with Thomas J. Clark giving his blessing, giving me a distributorship "Certificate".

Then a few years ago problems began. I had to be rushed to the hospital with what was discovered to be a Kidney Stone. An extremely painful kidney stone I might add. Then a few months later a second kidney stone came. Since I drank only Reverse Osmosis (RO) water, I knew it could not be from minerals found in tap water. My suspicions turned to T.J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals, since these minerals were the only new thing I had introduced into my diet in recent years. I stopped taking them, and guess what happened, no more kidney stones! Next thing was all my bones and joints, they started aching terribly, and when my doctor tested he diagnosed it to be osteoporosis! I had to ask myself, why if in all the years of taking T.J. Clark's Colloidal Minerals could I possibly have osteoporosis? Their colloidal minerals are touted as colloidal plant sourced, and fully absorbed and utilized by the body. So if that were true, how is it possibe I could have a disease caused by a mineral deficiency?

This made me start to question the TJClark Company literature and stories I was told, were they true, or is it all just a sham? As more time passed I noticed that more things just didn't seem to be adding up. Then in December 2017 another strange occurence happened. I learned that two of TJClark & Company's highest ranking executives just walked out. One of those executives was were their Plant Production Manager (this was the person that was responsible for formulating their minerals and other products) and the other executive was their Chief Operating Officer (COO). Then thinking back I then remembered what I would consider to be a fairly high rate of turnover of high ranking employees within TJClark & Company. So, was this walkout just a coincidence? Or is there good reason so many high ranking employees left their employ? Was it their conscience at work? Is it possible that colloidal minerals could be the new age snake oil? It was all getting to be too much, so I had to dig deeper, and when I came across the research done by the research scientist in the above article I think I finally had my answer.

All this leads me to what I stated in my opening statement, and I can no longer conscientiously offer T. J. Clark & Company's Colloidal Mineral Supplements, and/or their other related products.

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