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Evaluation through subjective interpretation of individual minerals does a disservice to not only the product but the consumer as well.  BUT---having said all of that, there is one valid use of a minerals assay, and that is to determine if there are presumably toxic levels of particular minerals.  For those consumers who want to address that concern here is the Legendary Minerals Current Analysis feel free to print it out.  For those consumers looking for a particular quantity of a particular mineral for a particular reason, we suggest you seek out that individual mineral.  We hope you will bear in mind that more important than the mineral itself, is the form that it is in.

It is important to remember when viewing this analysis, that negatively charged natural colloidal minerals are not only harmless, but can actually provide a health benefit.   Positively charged minerals such as aluminum, arsenic, lead and many other elements in their metallic form or state, can accumulate in the body and pose a serious health threat. This is why it is so important that minerals for human consumption be true plant derived negatively ionized colloids.

Concentrated Formula in 32oz. (946ml) Bottles = 1 month supply per person
(simply divide the result by 1000 and multiply by 946 to get the milligrams per bottle)
Mineral Result Mineral Result
Aluminum 1,410 mg/L Molybdenum <0.01 mg/L 
Antimony <0.2 mg/L Nickel 3.52 mg/L 
Arsenic <0.1 mg/L Phosphorus <0.1 mg/L 
Barium 0.005 mg/L Potassium 482 mg/L
Beryllium 0.167 mg/L Scandium 0.09 mg/L
Boron 0.83 mg/L  Selenium <0.1 mg/L 
Cadmium 0.022 mg/L Silicon 34.6 mg/L
Calcium 327 mg/L Silver <0.005 mg/L
Chromium 0.504 mg/L Sodium 29.8 mg/L
Cobalt 1.67 mg/L Strontium 3.06 mg/L
Copper 0.42 mg/L Sulfur 2,970 mg/L
Iron 193 mg/L Thallium <0.2 mg/L
Lead <0.05 mg/L Tin <0.1 mg/L
Lithium 3.25 mg/L Titanium <0.02 mg/L
Magnesium 319 mg/L Vanadium 0.04 mg/L
Manganese 6.83 mg/L Zinc 48.0 mg/L
* mg/L = milligrams per liter which is the liquid equivalent of ppm.
The symbol  <  means less than.
Testing performed by CHEMTECH-FORD 6100 South Stratler, Salt Lake Utah 84107-6905

Note: Many companies Imitating the T.J. Clark product display a routine lab analysis providing an approximation of elemental metal content (not colloids), and whatever else they may be adding. These assays (including the one displayed above) are limited in their ability to detect the very small colloids and none of them are equipped to determine the complex form they are in, or if they are truly plant-derived. Some even provide RDA (recommended daily allowance) percentiles in an effort to give nutritional credibility to their products. Putting out a list of elemental mineral percentiles and calling them "colloids", or "plant-derived" is only a very small part of understanding and evaluating a comparison of products. Please refer to the bio-electronic test performed by Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp (biophysicist) at the Kaiserlautern University in Germany.

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